SafeInCloud Password Manager

SafeInCloud Password Manager 21.0

Manage usernames and passwords, and auto-fill web forms

Remembering and keying in all your passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc., can be a cumbersome and sometimes frustrating experience. SafeInCloud Password Manager makes that task a lot easier by providing you with a safe and encrypted database where you can store all your most sensitive data and synchronize it with your preferred cloud service.

SafeInCloud Password Manager has been developed for both smartphones and standalone computers, which allows you to have your passwords and other private data always at hand, wherever you are. This desktop version is completely free of charge, while the smartphone version is subject to a small one-time fee. Both offer basically the same functionality, though the possibility of importing data from other password managers or your browsers is only available in the desktop version.

The program comes with templates for the most commonly used data entries, such as IDs and passports, bank accounts, codes and PINs, credit cards, driving licenses, e-mail accounts, and so on. Each of these entries comes with its own set of fields, specific to the type of document or the kind of item you wish to store. Each of them will be nicely organized and saved in their specific database for easy access. Besides, the program will alert you of any weak passwords, identical passwords, expiring or expired documents, etc., on your database by adding them automatically to a “special” folder.

The tool comes also with a robust password generator to create unbreakable passwords of any length and level of difficulty. The good news is that you won’t need to remember any of them, as they can be safely stored in the program’s database and easily retrieved when required.

SafeInCloud Password Manager can synchronize your database with the most common cloud services, namely Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other cloud service via WebDAV. All you have to do is authenticate yourself in any of these services and access your latest data any time anywhere. All in all, this is an excellent tool to keep all your most sensitive information organized and safe. It is suitable for all types of users, its simplicity of use being undoubtedly one of its main assets.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Synchronizes your database with all popular cloud sites
  • Generates new secure passwords
  • Offers entry templates for various data types
  • Imports passwords from browsers


  • Accessing your data from your smartphone is subject to a one-time fee
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